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Born and raised in the Basque Country, Koitz studied in Iruña-Pamplona.

Since coming to New York in 1994, Koitz has pursued his photography studies at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography.  He has participated in workshops led by photographers including Harvey Stein (40 Years of Coney Island), Nigel Parry (Blunt and Sharp), Neal Slavin (Britons), and Greg Gorman (As I See It and Just Between Us)

Paul Blanca, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Duane Michals and Paul Jasmin are photographers whose work Koitz particularly admires and is inspired by.  

In the late 90s, Koitz began to photograph Off-Broadway theatre productions.  Many of these photographs have appeared in New York media, including the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Recently, his photographs of authors Cliff Chase and Patrick Ryan were published in The New York Times.

Koitz photographed Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming at their triumphant show on Fire Island in the summer 2012; many of these photographs have since appeared throughout the US and have been used in promotions for their later engagements in NYC and elsewhere.

In addition to photographing architectural and interior design work, Koitz is known for his photographic portraits of artists, including, among others,  a cover page of Jeff Koons and portraits of Marina Abramovic for the Madrid-based cultural magazine Ars.

Koitz has covered New York City night life extensively and this work led to his working for four years for The Fire Island News, where he photographed multiple events in both Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines.  This focus on activities and people in the two notably gay communities of Fire Island has given him unique access to people, places and moments few outsiders ever see, and these most recent Fire Island photographs are the theme of a new book project.

Koitz’s photographs have been sold at the “Design on a Dime” Photography Auction organized by NYC-based Housing Works to raise money to fight AIDS and homelessness.

Koitz’s photographs have been exhibited at the Leslie-Lohman Prince Street Project Space in “Uncensored: Queer Art and the Church” (March 2012) and at Eusko Etxea of New York, the Basque House, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (October 2012 & October 2015).

In 2015, Koitz received the Founders Cultural Award, which sponsors underrepresented artists from diverse communities to produce an exhibition on the USC campus. “Fire Island: Out in the Sun”, consisting of 14 photographs, was shown at the Verle Annis Gallery, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, U.S.C. (April 2015). The exhibition captured the exceptional qualities of gay life on the fragile barrier island of Fire Island.

"SNAP! – Cherry Grove – One of a Kind", consisting of 26 photographs, was shown at the Cherry Grove Community House in Fire Island (June-July 2016).

Koitz lives in New York, where he works as a post-production producer for a world-wide media company.



What's been said about Koitz's photographs.

Koitz's photography bypasses, or rebounds from, 40 years of emphasis on gritty reality. What was radical is now the orthodoxy; thus to idealize, rather than relentlessly expose, has become radical. Koitz makes a place, an event, and yes, a person, look better than they might look to the naked eye-- or put another way, their best. That's what he likes to bring to light. That's what he seeks to capture, so his pictures are, in a word, beautiful.